ShipRush Discount Postage FAQ

What is the story on First Class Package rates?

ShipRush Discount Postage lets you ship First Class Packages up to 16oz! (These are normally limited to 13 oz.) The postage rate for 13-16 oz is $4.50 and includes Delivery Confirmation.

But 16 oz is heavier than First Class allows!

Yes and no. Huge volume shippers can get a special contract to do First Class Packages to 16 oz (well, technically 15.9 oz), but this is only available to shippers who do thousands of these packages a week or a month. ShipRush makes it available to you by kind of aggregating your volume with thousands of other shippers.

What is the catch for ShipRush Discount Postage?

No catch. Just use it like you would use any postage account in ShipRush. Fund the account, print Delivery Confirmation labels, and save a bundle. It works for all mail classes supported by ShipRush, including international mail.

What does ShipRush Discount Postage cost?

The same as all ShipRush postage accounts: $29.95/month, after a free trial. That includes the postage account and the ShipRush software, for one web store, of ten web stores, any number of labels per month.

What is ShipRush Web?

ShipRush Web is the new web enabled ShipRush. You can use your ShipRush Discount Postage account in either ShipRush Web or ShipRush desktop. (Or both.)

I use the ShipRush SDK. Can I use ShipRush Discount Postage?

Yes. All Discount Postage accounts must be created in the ShipRush Web console. You can then use the account in ShipRush Desktop.

Which flavor of ShipRush do I use?

You use ShipRush Web or ShipRush Discount Postage (desktop) to use Discount Postage.

Wait, I still have more questions!

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