Thermal Printer Support

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Thermal printers by Zebra are supported when attached to a USB port on your computer.

Supported Zebra Models:

Similar 203 dpi ZPL based printers are expected to work properly, however only the models above are officially supported.
Looking to buy a thermal printer?  Try ebay!  You can often find a brand new, or 'like new' printer of the support models, at very affordable prices.

Serial and parallel port connections are not supported. USB and ethernet attached printers are supported. (Setting a printer on ethernet should be done by an on site technician. Configuring an ethernet-attached printer is outside the scope of ShipRush support.)

Be sure to use only the Zebra provided power cube. After market power cubes are often under powered and will make the printer unreliable (this is relevant when purchasing a used printer on eBay)



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