Scale Support

ShipRush can automatically pull the shipment weight from an electronic scale that is attached to your PC or Mac. Electronic scales are attached to the USB port on the PC or Mac that runs the ShipRush Desktop Toolkit.


Note: Only USB-connected scales are supported.

The following scale models are supported:


  1. Attach the scale to a USB port
  2. Turn on the scale (some scales have a power switch)
  3. Put something on the scale and check that the scale's display shows the proper weight
  4. Go into ShipRush Settings area
  5. Select Scales
  6. Check 'Use Scale'
  7. Click the Test Scale link
    1. It should read the scale weight
    2. Note that the ShipRush Desktop Toolkit must be running. If it is not present, it can be installed from the link on this page.
  8. Close Settings
  9. Ship!


Simply use ShipRush as you normally do. The trick is to put the parcel on the scale before opening the shipping form. When the ShipRush form comes up, it will automatically have the parcel weight in the weight field.

When processing a shipment with multiple parcels, simply place the next box on the scale before clicking the button to add the next package in ShipRush. ShipRush will then automatically fill in the weight for the next package once it's added to the shipment.


  1. Confirm that the scale is a supported model
  2. If the scale is plugged in to a USB hub or port splitter, change it to be plugged directly in to the computer
  3. Shut down the computer, and restart it
  4. Make sure no other scales are connected
  5. Make sure no other shipping software, or softare that might use the scale, is connected
  6. If all else fails, shut down the computer, disconnect all USB devices except the keyboard, mouse and scale, boot up the computer.

Note: The cheaper scales do sometimes simply die. If in doubt, plug the scale into a different computer, and try ShipRush Desktop or some other application to read the scale. If it cannot be read, it is dead.


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