Automation Rules - Actions

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Actions set shipment attributes and can even select the shipping service that is cheapest or fastest. With a Ship action, the rule will process the shipment.

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Warning: Always test rules on two or three orders (perhaps test orders, that are cloned from real orders or entered manually) before applying them to larger blocks of orders.

Actions will be executed in the numbered sequence shown. Move actions up and down the sequence with the up/down arrow buttons.

Order sequence is important. For example, shipping service, shipment weight, and other aspects must be known or set before a Ship action can succeed.

Actions like the Ship action will use the Settings relevant to the shipping account in use (for example Printer settings). Be sure to have Address Validation enabled on FedEx and UPS accounts, so the system can best estimate residential/commercial rates.

Remember to set needed values before actions fire! For example, some shipping services have options specific to that service. If a rate or ship action tries to fire without that value being set, the rate or ship may fail. In some cases, such as a rate-shop, the fail may be silent (e.g. one rate operation may fail, leaving the rate shop to choose among remaining rates).



Running Rules

Rules can be run interactively (select one or more orders, and then click on the rule) or automatically (via Lights Out Automation).


NOTE: Merge codes, as detailed here, can be used in Actions when setting the Reference field information.

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