Property Type Request/Response Description
ComboBoxes PackageComboBoxesView Both Container for available shipping options
PackagingType TPackageType Both Packaging type. Defaults to 'Package' if not set.
PackagingTypeName TPackageType (human readable) Response
TrackingNumber string Both Package tracking number. For a single-parcel shipments this is the same as Shipment.TrackingNumber.
SmartPostTrackingNumber string Both SmartPost secondary tracking number. FedEx SmartPost only.
Weight double Both Weight in LBS or KG
WeightOunces double Both Weight in ounces. If Shipment.UnitsOfMeasureWeight set to 'KGS' then 'WeightOunces' value is ignored
DeclaredValue int32 Both Declared value (for insurance)
Reference1 string Both Package reference. Printed on the shipping label.
Reference2 string Both Package reference #2. FedEx/OnTrack/UPS only.
Reference3 string Both Package reference #3. FedEx/OnTrack only.
Reference4 string Both Package reference #4. Department Number. FedEx only.
Reference5 string Both Package reference #5. Shipment Integrity. FedEx only.
Length int32 Both Package length
Width int32 Both Package width
Height int32 Both Package height
AdditionalHandling boolean Both Additional handling required. UPS only.
NonstandardContainer boolean Both Package uses non-standard container. FedEx only.
DeliveryConfirmationType TDCIS Both Delivery signature type.
DeliveryConfirmationTypeName TDCIS (human readable) Response
IsCOD boolean Both Collect-on-delivery (COD) indicator. FedEx/UPS only.
CODAmount double Both COD amount
CODFundsType TCODFund Both Acceptible COD payment type.
CODFundsTypeName TCODFund (human readable) Response
CODCurrency TCurrencyType Both COD currency.
CODCurrencyName TCurrencyType (human readable) Response
CODFundsDate datetime Both Date on COD payment (such as post-dated checks, Canpar)
PriorityAlert boolean Both Priority Alert notifications. FedEx only.
PriorityAlertPlus boolean Both Priority Alert Plus notifications. FedEx only.
PriorityAlertContent string Both Specify any associated details to include with FedEx Priority Alert Notification. FedEx only.
IsDryIce boolean Both Package contains dry ice. FedEx/UPS only.
DryIceWeight double Both Dry ice weight. FedEx/UPS only.
IsDryIceMedical boolean Both Package contains MEDICAL dry ice. UPS only.
Alcohol double Both Package contains alcohol. FedEx only.
HasHazMats double Both Package contains dangerous goods or hazardous materials. FedEx or UPS only.
HazMatEmergencyPhoneNumber string Both
HazMatEmergencyContactName string Both
HazMatEmergencyContactPlace string Both
HazMatEmergencyContactTitle string Both
HazMatName string Both
HazMatClass string Both
HazMatLabel string Both
HazMatDOTID string Both
HazMatQuantity string Both
HazMatType THazMatType Both
HazMatTypeName THazMatType (human readable) Response
HazMatUnits string Both
HazMatUnitsName string Both
HazMatPackingGroup THazMatPackingGroup Both
HazMatPackingGroupName THazMatPackingGroup (human readable) Response
HazMatPackingInstruction string Both
Machinable boolean Both Package is machinable. USPS only.
FreightServiceType FreightServiceTypeEnum Both
FreightEquipmentType FreightEquipmentTypeEnum Both
PackageHandling PackageHandlingEnum Both
IsVerbalConfirmation boolean Both UPS Next Day Air Early only - Verbal confirmation