Property Type Request/Response Description
OrderId string Both OrderId on My.ShipRush system
OrderViewId string Both
MerchantSettingsId string Both Webstore Id
OrderNum string Both Order number on eCommerce system (customer-facing)
OrderDate datetime Both Order date (including time)
OrderDateOnLabel datetime Both Order date (without time)
TaxAmount double Both Tax amount
Discount double Both
Total double Both Total amount
TotalQuantity double Both Total quantity
TotalWeight double Both Total weight
OrderURL string Response Url to view order on eCommerce system. Amazon/eBay/PHP carts only
IsShipped boolean Both 'Shipped' indicator
IsPaid boolean Both 'Paid' indicator
IsCancelled boolean Both 'Cancelled' indicator. Order could be cancelled by buyer on eCommerce system or by seller in ShipRush OrderManager and at My.ShipRush interactively. 'Cancelled' flag is set when seller voids shipping label in ShipRush OrderManager.
IsPrime boolean Response Amazon Prime indicator.
IsGuaranteedDelivery boolean Response Guaranteed Delivery indicator, used with eBay.
ShippingServiceRequested string Both Shipping service requested by buyer on eCommerce system. Some eCommerce systems send very vague description like 'Express' or 'Standard'
ShipByDate datetime Both Ship by date (including time)
Comments string Both Buyer comments
WebstoreName string Both My.ShipRush web store name.
EBayUsername string Both Buyer ebay handler. eBay orders only.
ShipTo AddressView Both
BillTo AddressView Both
PaymentType TPaymentType Both
PaymentTerm string Both
ExternalId string Both System order number on eCommerce system (expected to be unique)
AlternativeOrderNum string Both Alternative order number on eCommerce system (invoice number)
ExternalTransactionId string Both Alternative order number on eCommerce system (transaction number)
CustomerPO string Both Alternative order number on eCommerce system (purchase order number)
ShippingPaidAmount double Both Amount buyer was charged for shipping
Currency TCurrencyType Both Currency in which 'Total', 'TaxAmount' and 'ShippingPaidAmount' are specified.
CurrencyName TCurrencyType (human readable) Response
CurrencySymbol string Both Currency symbol. '$' for USD
Items List & lt;OrderItemView> Both Order items
PkgLength double Both Package length
PkgWidth double Both Package width
PkgHeight double Both Package height
ComboBoxes OrderComboBoxesView Both Container for available shipping options